About Me

Nicole for GM

My name is Nicole Gramenides and I’m running for Grand Marshal!

I’m dual majoring in Business Analytics and Science, Technology, and Society and am interested in pursuing a career in business analytics or software development. I’m originally from Queens, NY (my favorite NYC borough). I have been involved in the Student Senate ever since my freshman year, where I have served as a Greek Senator and Class of 2023 Senator. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, and watching marathons of the MCU movies. Besides student government, I’m heavily involved in the Panhellenic Council, where I was VP of Finance and a Panhellenic Delegate for my sorority Alpha Gamma Delta. In addition, I have held leadership positions in AGD, where I worked with other leaders in the executive council to ensure our organization's values. I have recently been inducted into the Order of Omega honor society, a Greek honor society for members of Greek organizations who have exemplified high standards of leadership.

I joined student government because I saw the issues that students deal with at RPI through the people I have talked to and through my own experiences. I wanted to be able to help create change. With that motivation, I first joined Senate in the Fall of 2019 and served as a Class of 2023 Senator for two terms, and then was appointed as a Greek Senator. In these positions, I was heavily involved in the Facilities and Services Committee (FSC) as well as the Student Life Committee (SLC). Within FSC, I worked on the Public Safety subcommittee, where our main duty was to communicate student opinions regarding safety issues with the Department of Public Safety, as well as methods to more effectively communicate with students. My work in the SLC was focused on providing feedback for plans to improve the Counseling Center, by helping create the recurring Senate Survey. In addition, I was involved in initiatives that pertain to returning to Union self-governance, such as holding the administration accountable for instances that occurred during my term, such as the peace officer bill and the cancellation of black and Asian student organizations events in February of 2020. These projects really opened my eyes to the work that student government could accomplish, while collaborating with the administration.